Physical Therapy Services

Personalized treatment plans for patients of all ages with your goals in mind.

Back Pain

Optimizing neck & back health with postural education, exercise instruction and injury prevention. You don’t have to live with back pain!

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Pre and Post Operative Care

Are you preparing for surgery or looking to get back to life faster after one? Buffalo Grove Physical Therapy works with patients before and after a wide range of procedures to improve outcomes, cut recovery times, and prevent re-injury.

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Knee Pain

Throughout the lifespan, our knees bear the weight of our age, athletic pursuits, and lifestyle choices. We work to prevent and treat knee ailments & injuries in people of all ages!

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Shoulder Injuries

Highly mobile yet delicately unstable, the shoulder is a complex joint—and everyone’s pain is different. Buffalo Grove PT optimizes recovery and injury prevention through personalized treatment programs.

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Balance & Fall Prevention

Get balanced. Get confident. Partnering with you and your loved ones to prevent falls through education and exercise.

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Complete Treat

In need of physical therapy, but don’t have health insurance? Or, are your benefits maxed out? Complete Treat is our answer to those with limited coverage and benefits.

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Dr. Gopal Raghunath is very knowledgeable in all aspects of recovery and rehabilitation and sports performance training. He is all about the functionality of the exercises and performing them correctly to get the most out of your effort and spending your time wisely. He takes his time to explain the exercises he gives you and the reasons behind them so you understand not only the how, but the why behind them. You are always working with him in a one-to-one capacity so you get the benefit of his knowledge and expertise. He really cares about his patients and their well being!

Janet F.