Personal training

Whether your goal is to lose weight, or simply increase your strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular conditioning, personal training at Buffalo Grove Physical Therapy can help you reach your goals safely and sustainably.

BGPT also offers personal training for individuals who have either completed physical therapy for a particular condition, or present with no underlying injuries, and looking to transition into a regular regimen to improve their general fitness following clearance from their physician. Prior to beginning the program, testing is performed to determine the individual’s initial conditioning base, from which training gradually progresses to help achieve his/her desired goals.

Post-rehabilitation training & fitness

Returning to a regular exercise regimen after injury rehabilitation can be both challenging and frustrating. Achieving successful and sustainable results requires not only time, patience, and persistence, but also guidance by someone who understands your condition. At BGPT, all of your personal training sessions are directed by Gopal Raghunath – Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT), and Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS). Following completion of physical therapy and clearance from your physician, transitioning into the personal program will help not only optimize performance of your daily, work, and leisure activities, but in the process return you to your pre-injury fitness level (and beyond!).

Personal training at BGPT helps with…

  • Weight loss
  • Improving strength & flexibility
  • Increasing Aerobic/Anaerobic Conditioning
  • Customized goal setting & program design
  • Accountability & motivation

Training sessions are $65/hour. Payment is due at time services are rendered.

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