Healthy Shoulders

Optimizing recovery & injury prevention through personalized treatment programs

Highly mobile yet delicately unstable, the shoulder is a complex joint—and everyone’s pain is different.

Whether from repeated overhead activities like swimming and throwing, a traumatic event such as a fall/auto accident, or even poor posture, shoulder pain can be debilitating, and should never be ignored.

Managing shoulder pain

Through appropriate evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment, physical therapy can indeed be effective in addressing the following conditions:

  • Rotator cuff tears
  • Tendonitis
  • Adhesive Capsulitis or Frozen Shoulder
  • Tendinopathy/Overuse injuries (i.e.: swimmer’s shoulder)
  • Sub-Acromial Bursitis
  • Post-Surgical Cases: Total/Partial Joint Replacement; Tendon Repairs

How physical therapy can help prevent and treat shoulder injuries

Buffalo Grove Physical Therapy & Sports Rehabilitation specializes in treating non-surgical & post-surgical shoulder conditions. We will conduct a thorough comprehensive evaluation to determine the cause of your condition and tailor a treatment program specific to your needs. The path to restoring optimal shoulder function starts here.

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If I could give 1,000 stars I would. We reluctantly went looking for a new physical therapist when our group insurance carrier changed at the beginning of the year. We went with Gopal based on Angie’s List and Yelp reviews… and we liked the fact that he is a swimmer and we are trying to rehab a competitive swimmer after shoulder surgery. All we can say is WOW. This guy loves his job and is amazingly dedicated to his craft.

Kim L.