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Peak Performance is an individualized sport-specific training program geared towards the serious recreational and/or competitive athlete seeking to elevate their game to the next level. This program is administered by a licensed physical therapist with extensive experience and accreditation in strength & conditioning.

Commencement of the Peak Performance Program is preceded by clearance from your physician, followed by a thorough functional movement screen to identify asymmetries and/or aberrant movement patterns. Results from the screen are then used to customize a comprehensive training program incorporating corrective strategies in addition to specialized resistance/metabolic training, to re-establish a sound conditioning platform, prevent injuries, and optimize performance in your respective sport. Additionally, all training programs are carefully divided into separate cycles, in accordance with the athlete’s time of season.

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Training sessions are $75/hour. Payment is due at the time services are rendered.

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Buffalo Grove Physical Therapy & Sport Rehabilitation is a phenomenal medical practice. As a professional athlete and coach, I strongly recommend this place to anyone recovering from an injury but athletes of all ages can uniquely benefit from Gopal’s expertise. While an injury might be a short setback, training and learning with Gopal can make your return exponentially better.

David S.